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M. Susan MacPhail RDH started working in dentistry on January 7 1979. Profoundly experienced in all the dental disciplines, Susan can provide an excellent dental care program just for you!

  • Teeth and gum care
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Pit and Fissure Sealants
  • Teeth Polishing
  • Cavity Prevention
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction
  • Interim Stabilization Therapy

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Welcome to our dental hygiene practice!

We've created a dental hygiene practice that puts your smile out there--front and center--for everyone to see. You'll love the results that we can get with our combination of latest technology and experienced, caring dental professionals.

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Ontario healthcare practitioners are strictly regulated, so we are required to ask you to fill out a medical history and we ask for you to sign a PIPEDA Privacy Act form.

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Yes, we're always taking on new patients! Please call 519-400-2082 to book your appointment. Regular hours are booked by appointment: Tuesday to Friday 9-5 Sat 9-1, however, if you need extreme hours, we are pleased to accommodate your schedule!

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Expertly Healing Teeth and Gums since 1982