​​At this time the fixed fee is only $150, per client visit.

Based on your individual needs and with your consent; any number of the treatments listed below, may be included in your comprehensive, fixed fee visit.

(comprehensive treatment items in red text)

The CDHA and ODHA suggested fee guide (rounded):                                                                 Value

New Client  Dental Hygiene Exam                                                                                                   $ 90.00

Re-care       Dental Hygiene Exam                                                                                                    $ 30.00

Periodontal Dental Hygiene Exam                                                                                                   $ 60.00

1   unit of   scaling                                                                                                                               $ 50.00

2   units of scaling                                                                                                                              $100.00

3   units of scaling                                                                                                                              $150.00

1/2 unit of scaling                                                                                                                               $ 25.00

1     unit of polishing                                                                                                                          $ 30.00

1/2 unit of polishing                                                                                                                          $ 15.00

Topical fluoride application  (preventive cavity and sensitivity treatment)                             $ 30.00

Uno non fluoride application  (preventive cavity and sensitivity treatment)                           $30.00

Whitening WOW8 after every dental debridement treatment (8 minutes)                             $ 30.00

Full mouth sealants to protect gaps, pits and fissures in your teeth from tooth decay      $ 150.00

Whitening WOW60 professional in office one hour teeth whitening treatment                    $ 150.00

IST Interim Stabilization Therapy (a temporary restorative to stop further decay)               $ 75.00

Depending on your individualized dental hygiene care goals, additional visits may be recommended. After a comprehensive detailed cleansing debridement, it might be recommended to allow ten to fourteen days for healing, so that more calculus becomes accessible. Typically another fixed fee visit of $150, can be enough to resolve many typical gum infections.Periodontal active therapy is also available per unit of scaling.

We always try to do direct billing for you, when all of the insurance information is provided in advance. We contact your insurance company and learn about your coverage. On request, we are also happy to provide to you our completed dental insurance form, so that you can receive the fee reimbursement from your dental insurance provider.

IST Interim Stabilization Therapy (a temporary restorative to stop further decay)               $ 75.00

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After WOW60 Professional in office teeth whitening, 8 to 18 shades whiter, often more!

Before teeth cleaning

2017 and 2018

Before Fissure Sealants

​After Fissure Sealants

After teeth cleaning

Comprehensive teeth cleaning $150: includes exam, polish, ultrasonic scale, hand scale, gum measuring, desensitizing, 8 minute teeth whitening. All of your vulnerable teeth carefully sealed $150 to prevent drilling, your teeth beautifully and safely whitened only $150, WOW!

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A sealed (saved) tooth, so much nicer than a drilled tooth​!

Before WOW60